The Fancy Mom Origin Story

 I was over the moon with excitement when Jack was born. “What a blessing,” I thought. I marveled over his tiny little hands, baby curls and soft coos. For my husband Ralph and I this would be our official new job – raising a human being. Although I was extremely happy to become a mom, I wasn’t thrilled about my new look. I was unable to fit any pre-pregnancy clothes, didn’t have time to style my hair and barely wore an ounce of makeup. I deemed the gym a figment of my imagination along with Sunday brunches with girlfriends, sleep, manicures and oh yeah- waxes. This former fashion blogger had become unrecognizable. However, I never minded the sacrifice. In fact, this occurrence of events did not feel like one. I loved my baby. But something inside said, “Kristy. You are still inside this haggard shell. You deserve a break.”
So, I invited my mom friends over for a photo shoot. I hired a professional makeup artist and bartered with my uber-talented artist childhood friend Johnalynn to be the photographer. By the way she was very sick during the shoot, but still showed up. I invited Yvonne who had two young girls, Diamond who had older teens (one in college and another in high school), Brigitte who brought her toddler daughter and brand new mom Sharlyn, who just had her son a few months before. These ladies were all professionals in the media, real estate and accounting industries. Each had been extremely busy with not much time for themselves. All of us desperately needed pampering and/or “me-time.”  It was nice to be dolled up AND spend time with our children. Something transformational happened that day. I realized that I still could be a mom AND be myself. That is was ok to TAKE CARE of myself. It was fine to stop for a moment. After all, I’d earned it.
I decided that I would create an online store of stylish “treats” for moms, but more importantly feature advice mom to mom advice. My mission would be to spread the message that moms deserve a little luxury. Even better if it could be affordable.
A few days after the shoot I’d taken a job helping run a tv station in California. It was all consuming and I was unable to do my “Fancy Mom” project. However, the Fancy Mom was always in the back of my mind. I never let go the passion of completing what I started. Eventually, I launched my own production company  and along with it …
 I’m thrilled to share with you this site and share stories of a different moms along with their tips for living the best life. Being a mom may be challenging at times and triggered a metamorphosis; but it is absolutely the best job I’ve ever had. On this site you'll find curated stylish pieces with moms in mind for yourself or for gifting. They are statement looks that are easy to style and make you stand out (like you deserve) without much effort. 
Enjoy the treats and thanks for your support!
Kristy Cooper
Founder, The Fancy Mom