Kristy Cooper The Fancy Mom with Stars Above Balloons display

One of my favorite aspects of formerly owning a tea party business was the DETAILS. That’s why I was so excited about the many dainty specifics at my very first Fancy Mom Mingle back in December. The location was perfect. I’d known Danielle Madrigal, the owner of The Flamingo Palms Cuban Café, for about two years at that point. I saw that she was a mom boss and a glam fiend, so of course our connection was instant. I’d asked her to cook on the Emmy award winning television show I produced “From Scratch,” which was an entertaining DIY program featuring Brian and Stacie Korcok of Eastvale, CA. Speaking of the latter,  Stacie will be guest speaker at the next Mom Mingle on Sunday, March 22nd, but I digress. Danielle had natural stage presence on camera and prepared the most delicious food! I knew the first Mingle had to be hosted at her restaurant and felt so honored when she agreed to be the hosting venue. After enjoying multiple dishes the moms were stuffed and smiling from ear to ear.

Equally as filling were the speakers. They each gave us the mental food that we needed. We learned the power of saying “no” during the holidays and how to stay sane from time balance coach Rachel Valenzuela of Order Your Lifestyle. Bridal beauty guru and proud makeup artist of Emmy-winning television shows Kimberley Garcia (of All Around Glam) shared with us her holiday makeup tips. I loved how her demonstrations for on the go beauty, especially how to properly apply false lashes. Last but certainly not least Salynn Simon, owner of Events With A Kick, showed us how to uniquely wrap gifts and style our garlands. Wendy Salazar, the creative genius behind Stars Above Balloons, blessed me with the most perfect logo (and dress) matching balloons!

I delighted in gifting really good swag. I mean that's my thing and it's why my hubby calls me, "The Giftologist." I learned that from attending New York Fashion Week for several seasons. Everyone, I mean everyone, loves a super cute goodie bag. This one had champagne gummy bears from the good folks at Sugarfina, Keto Krisp bars, and of course The Fancy Mom accessories including Christmas wreath post earrings, pearl rings and tiny crystal studs.

I had chic accessories there for purchase and was overwhelmed by the support. But my favorite part was indeed the “mingling.” There was nothing better than watching mothers take a break to spend time with one another.

I’m really looking forward to the next installment next weekend on Saturday, February 1st from 2pm-4pm at Paris Pastries in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. Ooh and the third at IV Juice Bar on Sunday, March 22nd.

Keep watch for most posts on that one! 

Have a wonderful start to the week my loves,

The Fancy Mom

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