I can’t wait to share what happened at The Fancy Mom Mingle tea party on Saturday, February 1st at Paris Pastries in Rancho Cucamonga, but first I'll share a little history lesson. Anna, the Duchess of Bedford in England, was a social innovator back in 1840 when dinnertime started at 8pm. Anna would be hungry all day awaiting this meal (sounds like me), so she began requesting  a tray of tea, bread, butter and of course – cake. It became a "thing." Years later (around 1880 to be exact) high society bougie ladies evolved “tea time” into a fashionable event. They would dress to impress wearing long flowing “tea gowns” without a corset (gotta be free), gloves and hats. Soon tea shops started popping up all over town and became early meeting spots for the suffragette movement.

Today afternoon tea is traditionally served between 2pm-5pm and can pretty much replace dinner. What we enjoyed this past Saturday is what's called ‘low tea,’ which consists of dainty foods and proper china. I often hear ladies say, "I'm hosting afternoon tea," but that's not really what they mean. Low tea is often confused with ‘high tea,’ which typically consists of a heavy meal of meat and veggies.

At The Fancy Mom Mingle tea party we enjoyed three amazing speakers. Marie Keaney, real estate super mom, explained the importance of home ownership and investing. Lily Luque, esteemed makeup artist, shared a tutorial on how to achieve a very sexy dewy look for Valentine’s Day. Phire Cole, author of “Fly Girl Etiquette,” expressed the importance of having the right mindset to enjoy the most of life. Our special guest was Miss Amanda from My Gym of Rancho Cucamonga. She kept the children happily occupied while the moms indulged in a spot of tea.

Paris Pastries served the most beautiful assortment of mini-cakes, macaroons and  tea sandwiches. Everyone ate well, laughed and "mingled" with new mom-friends. Some attendees supported my Fancy Mom brand by purchasing the chic accessories displayed at the tea party. I showcased everything from Girl Boss earrings to bedazzled press on nails - anything to help moms look fabulous quickly.

Two of my love languages have been gifting and spending quality time, which meant lots of care went into preparing the complimentary goodie bags. Inside were curated fashion accessories, Spanish madelines, and body product from Uncle Bud’s. The latter included coconut scented hemp CBD body washes, lotions and and pain relievers. The French-inspired bags were dressed with glittering twine and vintage buttons. So lovely!

 It was a perfect afternoon with weather to match. I could not ask for a better event. I’m beyond grateful to the speakers, attendees and staff of Paris Pastries.

If you missed this event please join us at the next one which will be on Sunday, March 22nd at The Diplomat Bar and Grill in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Details coming soon!


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  • What a fantastic idea and event. All of the “Fancy Moms” looked amazing, and I’m sure they enjoyed your presentation, the food, low tea, and insightful gems the speakers contributed. This East Coast Fancy Mom hopes to attend a future event to rub elbows with fellow Fancy Moms on the West Coast! ❤️💁🏾‍♀️

    Katina Johnson

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